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Pore Reduction

Wake up with dull and drap skin every morning regardless how long you sleep? Never leave the house without applying a thick layer of foundation to conceal the unevenness of your skin?

Sounds too familiar? Interested to know how to bring luminosity to your skin?

The difference between a dull complaxion and a smooth rosy complexion is the unsightly large pores and uneven skin surfaces. Let's use diamond as an analogy. A perfect cut and well polished diamond reflects back maximum amount of light to the eyes as brilliance. A porcelain smooth complaxion will hence reflect light the same way and at a uniform angle that will be perceived as a "glow"!

Our proprietary Cell Activating Therapy (CAT), Apx8 Program Therapy and Apx Photopneumatic Therapy effectively stimulate cellular metabolism, boost collagen production and the reconstruction of the damaged tissue. Our program consists a few of phases depending on the severity of the pore size and the skin texture. You are assured that visible improvement is attainable after FIRST treatment!

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