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Our Core
We place high emphasis on the value of scientific rigor, know-how and personal intuition, to transform Ido's into a reputable establishment globally. Building on our unrivalled experience and expertise, fundamental research is a specific focus of investment that drives creativity and contributes to the development of tomorrow's products, across established and emerging global and local markets.
Unrivalled Strengths
Ido's enjoys the privilege of 2 cutting edge research laboratories provided by Apex Group, both in Singapore and Malaysia. A dedicated team of medical doctors, cosmetics scientists, pharmaceutical executives, quality professionals and support personnel provide the core of our ability to deliver our proprietary innovative skin care technologies. Our laboratories have an outstanding regulatory track record with numerous impressive inspections by Singapore HAS, Malaysia Ministry of Health and European Union regulatory agency. Our robust GMP compliance programs combined with a rigorous system of quality management ensure that only the finest technical and regulatory quality of the skin care is delivered to you.