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Permanent Hair Reduction

"Imagine the life never have to shave, tweeze and wax again..."

When it comes to unwanted facial and body hair, most people resort to expensive and ineffective options such as smelly hair removal creams, razor, stinging wax, painful chemical depilatories and etc.

In Ido's, we are using the most advanced, no downtime, non-invasive Apx (Photoneumatic Therapy) that can be done as a lunch time procedure. Apx is the first and the only FDA approved phototherapy for painless permanent hair reduction therapy.

What are the advantages of Apx permanent hair reduction therapy?

• Can treat all areas include whole face, upper lip, underarms, arms, thigh, leg, back and bikini lines.
• Suitable for all skin types.
• Painless therapy. Lasers and IPL are both extremely painful.
• 5 times more effective than IPL and 5 times safer.
• Fast procedure, can be done as a lunch time treat,
• Besides removing hair, the heat energy will stimulate collagen production and rejuvenate skin at the same time.

Learn more about Apx Photoneumatic Therapy.