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Eye Vitality

Stay up late and wake up with dull and lifeness dark eye circles. Sounds too familiar?

Eyes occupy the most prominent position on our body among the five sensory organs. A pair of sparkling and beautiful eyes enhances one's beauty manifold. In Ido's, we provide a comprehensive solution to:

• Enhance the vitality of your eyes.
• Improve the circulations to the eyes.
• Reduce eye bags non-surgically
• Lighten dark eye circles.
• Eliminate milia (oil seeds)
• Reduca the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Such results are made possible with the use of Thermal Therapy, Apx8 Program Therapy, Apx Photopneumatic Therapy, Botanical Stem Cell Technology and Anti-oxidants treatment. Each condition has a specific treatment and our consultants and doctors will decide the most suitable treatment for you.

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