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Our Technology
How APX differs from other light based treatments?
Unlike other light based technologies such as IPL, APX is 5 times more efficient in delivering the energy to the targets, hence, making the treatment virtually painless and 5 times safer than any other treatment modalities.

APX treatment is both fast and relaxing. There is no need for any pre-treatment preparation with topical anesthetics or cooling gels, hence, reducing the treatment duration by 4 to 7 times in comparison to IPL.

In many Ido's outlets, APX is regarded as a lunch time treatment due to its fast procedure and zero downtime. Our customers can leave the outlet looking youthful and resume their activities immediately.

Unlike other IPL, APX utilizes a unique Intellitip that can be effieciently sterilised after every treatment. This hygienic practice has eliminated the risks of cross contamination and infection.

Comparative results of Apx & other light based treatments
"With traditional lasers and light based systems, there is a very fine lines between effectiveness and collateral damage. Photoneumatic Therapy (PPx) significantly widens this gap by dramatically increasing photon absorption, reducing the overall energy required and widening the otherwise very narrow safety margins." said Vic Narurkar, M.D., director and founder of the Bay Area Institute in San Francisco.