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If you think you know how a 50 year old should look like, you should think again and perhaps pay a visit to Ido's. The principle of our age-defyin management is derived from the combination of FDA approved technologies and our exclusive range of world class skin care products that are extensively researched the tested.

A combination of Apx6 Osmolite Diffusion Therapy, Apx Photopneumatic Therapy, Cell Activating Therapy (CAT) and Apx8 Combi Program Therapy effectively:

• Diminish the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and scars.
• Eliminate ageing/ solar pigmentations.
• Improve skin tone and texture.
• Reduce sagging skin to give a firmed and tightened skin.

Visit Ido's to start the process for the sustainable youthfulness that you long deserve.

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